Preventive measures COVID-19

16 06 17 202
16 06 17 202

Update the 2021-09-09 at 15:39

The Flambée des couleurs and the vaccine passport

The vaccine passport is not required at the Flambée des Couleurs *, whether for he hybrid lift or to enjoy the terrace, food trucks and hiking.

* Except for the Grande Coulée which requires the vaccine passport.

The measures in force

On board our hybrid lift

  • 3 person (6 person in the chairlift) and 2 person by gondola. Except for members of the same family!

Wearing a mask

  • Wearing a mask is required in the gondola, but not mandatory in the chairlift. Wearing a mask is required inside all buildings, as hand disinfection.

Respect for physical distancing

  • Respect of one meter of distance outside, even in the chairlift line. Respect of the 2 meters in all buildings.

We can feel it, the colors will be there ! Thank you for your cooperation to make the Flambée and the Grande Coulée go as well as possible.

Golf season 2021: A full season!

Mont-Orford is very happy to be able to open its golf club this spring, unlike last year! However, remember that we are still living in a context of a pandemic and that to ensure the safety of customers and employees, measures relating to COVID-19 are also applying this summer.

Thank you for your respect and cooperation, and above all, have a good golf season everyone!

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Basic health measures

Wearing a face cover - new

  • Wearing a face cover is mandatory at all times for everyone (10 y.o. and up) inside the buildings.

2 meters distance

  • A minimum distance of 2 meters must be maintained between people (customers and employees) who do not live at the same address (same household), both indoors and outdoors.

Hand washing

  • Washing or disinfecting the hands as often as possible with a hydroalcoholic solution.

No gathering

  • No gathering or deviation from security procedures will be tolerated.

Before your golf round

  • The departure time reservation must be made, in advance, by Internet or by telephone.
  • Contactless payments are preferred.
  • Scorecards and pencils are available on request to avoid contact as much as possible.
  • Golfers are encouraged to put their shoes on at the car in the parking lot.
  • The rental of hand carts is permitted. Disinfection is necessary between each use.
  • The use of motorized carts is permitted. 2 people residing at the same address can share the same cart, otherwise, dividers are installed in the cart.
  • Storage of golf bags is permitted, but only the customer can pick it up to avoid contact.
  • The changing rooms and showers are now available.

During your golf round

  • Benches are allowed on the course.
  • Removal of ball washers on the course.
  • Contactless water dispensers are allowed on the course.
  • The canteen, our 9 ½, is open. The sale of beverages and food is authorized. Contactless payment methods are recommended.
  • Mechanism to prevent players from recovering their ball with their hand at the bottom of the cup. Golfers should not remove the rods.
  • The toilets on the course are accessible (hole # 6 and # 10).
  • Removal of the rakes in the sand pits.

After your round

Golfers are encouraged to leave the area immediately after the round, unless they want to visit authorized places such as:

  • Clubhouse, boutique and toilets
  • Lesson with the golf professional
  • Restaurants / Bar and terrace

Thank you for your precious collaboration!

Thanks to your collaboration, we will be able to enjoy a complete golf season this year! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email: 819-843-5688.