Cross-Country Skiing

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Mont-Orford National Park’s cross-country trails will delight all skiers from beginner to expert.

Cross-country skiing fans can access the 7A trail via the ski station’s P2 parking lots. This is a difficult 1.6-km ( 1-mi.) course that will allow you to connect to the 13-trail network totalling 50 km (30 mi.) for classic skiing and 26 km (16 mi.) for skate skiing.

Cross-country skiing equipment rental is available at Le Cerisier Discovery and Visitor Center.

Visiting periods: Mid-December to end of March (depending on snow conditions).


To access the trails, please purchase a daily ticket or an Annual Quebec National Park Card, as well as a season pass or a cross-country skiing daily ticket. Several package options are available. Visit the Sépaq website for more information.


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Terms and Conditions

Cross-Country Skiing Code of Conduct

Be vigilant and respect the Code of Conduct:

  • Stay on marked trails and in the indicated direction.
  • Respect trail signs and pre-determined styles (classic or skate).
  • Remain at a reasonable distance from skiers in front.
  • When stopping or during a fall, clear the tracks to remain clear of other skiers.
  • On a single lane trail, a faster skier who wishes to pass a slower skier must do so in a respectful and courteous manner.
  • On a two-lane trail, the slower skier must remain in the right lane and leave the left lane to faster skiers.
  • Only engage in a descent when the previous skier has already reached the bottom and cleared the trail.
  • In a descent, the skier traveling downhill has the right of way over a skier traveling uphill.
  • Always comply with any directions given by patrollers or their representatives.
  • Report any irregularities to employees or to the establishment.
  • Respect the environment and the establishment’s rules and regulations.

Cross-Country Skiing Trail Track-Setting Policy

  • Saturday, Sunday and Sunday: Tracks will be set for the entire cross-country skiing network.
  • Tuesday to Friday: a minimum of 20 km (12 mi.) of tracks will be traced every day. The choice of tracks is to be confirmed, but it will include the classic and skate skiing as well as different levels of difficulty. The other tracks will be set depending on conditions.
  • Christmas holiday season and March break: Tracks will be set for the entire cross-country skiing network.
    In all cases, tracks will be set when conditions permit and if there is enough snow on the ground to do so. Track-setting operations take place in the morning, from 4 AM until 10 AM. In cases of damp or wet snow, we will wait for a drop in temperature before tracks are set.
  • In case of strong snowstorms, we will wait for all precipitation to end before tracks are set.

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