Guides Ambassadors

Andre Daniel Img 4930
Andre Daniel Img 4930

If you’re looking for an adventure, let one of our guide ambassadors accompany you on the mountain and discover the hidden treasures of Mont-Orford, free of charge!

What's a guide ambassador?

Our guide ambassadors are a passionate group of people who know the ski station like the back of their hand and whose goal is to make sure you spend an unforgettable day. They’re always there to help and you can find them at the drop-off zone, in the P1 parking lot, next to the main chalet . They can advise you on exactly where to park and help you carry your belongings all the way to the chalet. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them! They’ll tell you everything you want to know, from where to buy daily tickets, to the location of the rental shop, how to access the lifts, where to store your belongings and more. Whatever you need, they’re here for you!

If you’re already on the mountain, you can always find them by the lifts, next to the trails map on each of the summits. If you’re not sure which trail to take depending on difficulty, just ask! They’ll be happy to help you.

Go skiing with an ambassador

Let our guide ambassadors take you on an adventure! You want to hit the slopes with someone who knows their way around? Our guide ambassadors are available every weekend for a period of one hour. There’s no better way to discover which trails or slopes are the best fit for your level, or where you can find some of Mont-Orford’s best-kept secrets. You can book some time with one of our guide ambassadors by calling Customer Service at 819 843-6548, ext. 8308.

Become a guide ambassador

Are you passionate about skiing or snowboarding? Do you know Mont-Orford like the back of your hand? Great! We’re always looking for people like you to help us out. Send us your contact information at and we’ll be in touch very soon!