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2020-21 ski season: a new and safe offer

On October 16th, the Quebec Ski Area Association (ASSQ) released its plan of operation for ski resorts approved by the government and public health. You can download their press release or view the table below which summarizes the main recommendations.

In the following weeks, Mont-Orford will unveil its own plan of operation, based on the ASSQ’s recommendations as well as the regional alert zones. Compliance with all measures that are put in place is a shared responsibility between the resort and our customers—we thank you in advance for your precious cooperation.

Current status: Mont-Orford is in the REDE zone

The situation around covid-19 is evolving. Visitors are encouraged to visit this page regularly for the latest information and updates.

  • Basic Measures Tableau ANG VF

Face covering

Orange and red zone

Wearing amask or face covering over the nose and mouth is mandatory in buildings and chalets that are enclosed and/or partially covered. This applies to all individuals 10+ years of age. In addition, covering the face should be practiced in any situation where the recommended 2m distancing is compromised.

Chairlifts, gondolas and witing line

While waiting in line and riding the lifts, wearing a face covering over the nose and mouth is mandatory at all times for persons 3+ years of age.

Face coverings include: neck warmers, mufflers, balaclavas, or other tight-fitting clothing covering the nose and mouth. The garment should be made of at least 2 layers of close-knit fabric and be large enough to completely cover the nose and mouth.

Interregional travel

Orange and red zone

Mont-Orford would like to reiterate the government's directive which does not encourage interregional travel, particularly to or from red alert zones. However, these trips are not prohibited.

Visitors must respect the measures in place in their region at all times. For example, a skier coming from a city in the red zone will be able to enjoy the ski slopes with us as we are currently in the orange zone. However, they are not allowed to use the services and facilities of the resort (such as restaurant, equipment rental, snow school, etc.) as indicated in the table above.

We appeal to the good faith of all ski visitors and would like to point out that a collective effort is essential to end this pandemic and enable us all to practice our favourite sport.


Orange zone

In the orange zone, the use of the same ski lift by users from the same household is preferred, but still allows users who do not live under the same roof.

In the orange zone, there is no specific passenger limit for each lift, but riders are asked to adhere to the distancing protocol whenever possible. The 2m distancing must be respected while waiting in line.

In the orange zone, the maximum capacity in the gondola is 4 people.

Riders 3+ years of age must wear a face covering over their nose and mouth while in queues and in the ski lifts. Wearing ski goggles is recommended.

Red zone

In the red zone, the capacity of the chairlifts is reduced. However, members of the same family can embark together without restriction.

  • Capacity in chairs for 4 people: 1 person per chair.
  • Capacity in chairs for 6 people: 2 people per chair.
  • Capacity in the cgondola: 2 people per gondola.

Pour nous aider à diminuer le temps d'attente aux remontées, nous vous invitons à skier majoritairement en famille ou avec votre « bulle COVID ».

Ski Chalet

Orange zone

The capacity in the ski chalet will be revised to maintain the 2m distancing between people at all times. Sitting areas will therefore be reduced in order to comply with government requirements. However, additional outdoor areas and outdoor seating for customers will be provided.

Measures to manage line-ups as well as traffic within the chalet will be implemented in order to respect distancing.

More details coming soon.

Personal effects in the chalet - to come

The instructions concerning personal effects in the ski chalet as well as the possibility of changing in the chalet will be announced shortly.

Red zone

In the red zone, the ski chalet can be used as a refuge only. It is therefore possible to come and warm up, change inside and use the bathrooms, all for a limited period of use.

It is not possible to eat inside the chalet.

Personal effects in the chalet

Mont-Orford has provided lockers allowing customers to leave their personal belongings inside them. However, it is forbidden to leave your bags or personal effects under the tables / benches in the chalet.


Orange zone

In the orange zone, our restaurants will be open. However, the services offered will be adjusted to ensure minimum contact for the health and safety of all. More details coming soon.

Red zone

In the red zone, all restaurants will unfortunately be closed.

Snow School

Orange zone

In the orange zone, the snow school will be operating. Customers will have access to group or private lessons.

Riders aged 3+ years must wear a face covering over their nose and mouth in queues and during lessons. Wearing ski goggles is recommended.

More details soon.

Occasional childcare

Occasional childcare will not be offered this year.

Red zone

In the red zone, the services of the Snow School are not offered.

The Quebec Ski Area Association is currently in discussion with public health to try to allow certain services of the Snow School since these are essential to ski resorts. More details to come.

Equipment rental

Orange zone

In the orange zone, equipment rentals are available. Details about our minimum-contact service will be unveiled soon.

Certain conditions may apply.

Red zone

In the red zone, some rental services will be offered but on a reduced offer. More details will be announced shortly.

Ticket office

Orange and red zone

If we have to limit riders on the trails, we will prioritize tickets purchased in advance (season pass, multi-visits card).

Daily web tickets will be on sale during the season, but may be limited or not available depending on the day, ridership and conditions. The quantity of ticket will be known in advance, but may vary without notice.

As of the last update, no daily ticket is available.


Orange and red zone

The chairlift schedule will remain the same: 8:30 AM to 3:45 PM.

Locker rental

Orange and red zone

Daily locker rentals will not be available this year.

Ski locker

Ski and boot locker rentals will be offered, but with a fewer available units.

En zone rouge

Aucune location de casier permise.

COVID-19 symptoms

We rely upon our customers to do their part in ending this pandemic. If you have one or more symptoms of COVID-19, it is forbidden to come to the station in order to ensure the health and safety of our customers and our employees

Usual sanitary measures

Regardless of the alert levels, certain health measures are mandatory at all times:

  • Distancing of 2 meters in all areas frequented by skiers and snowboarders;
  • Wearing a face covering indoors;
  • Wearing a neck warmer or hood covering the nose and mouth while outdoors for all visitors aged 3+ years;
  • Frequent hand washing.

Equipment cleaning and disinfection

Orange and red zone

The station will disinfect all high contact surfaces on a regular basis (door handles, ramps, counters, tables, chairs, etc.) as well as outdoor surfaces and equipment (street furniture, ramps, poles, ski lifts, ski racks, etc.).

COVID-19 pledge

Any individual or group of individuals who does not respect one of the instructions relating to the sanitary measures put in place by Mont-Orford concerning COVID-19 will have to leave the premises at the request of the staff, without reimbursement

  1. ORFORD 06 02 11 031r

Postpon your season pass

Guaranteed season policy

Due to the unpredictability of this season due to covid, we are offering you the opportunity to postpone your 2020-21 season pass until next year at no additional cost!

Requests must be made before December 15, 2020.

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