A High-Level Hike

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For hiking buffs in search of a challenge, look no further! Mont Orford’s particular topography and different grades of difficulty offer a challenge for experts, athletes and all the adventurous mountain climbers wishing to go on a high-level hike. Here are three exciting options:


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Technical Information

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  • Ascent : 35 to 50 min.
  • Descent : 25 to 35 min. via the 4 KM trail
  • Difficulty level : Difficult
  1. Mar 1290

Located right underneath the gondolas, La Super trail is ... super challenging but takes you straight to the top of Mont Orford. The trail begins on a wide gravel path that brings you to the first difficult part of the trail. Fasten your hiking boots because this is where the challenge begins!

  1. Mar 1302

The uphill climb is steep and doesn’t give hikers many chances to rest. Full of rocky steps, rugged terrain, and narrow passages where hikers will literally climb through the brush. Need to catch your breath? Once you reach the halfway point, after the first challenge, you can take the Trois-Ruisseaux trail for a less rugged, but still challenging way up the mountain.

Finally, because everything that goes up must come down, for your safety, we highly recommend that you head towards the 4 KM trail, situated on the left once you arrive at the summit.


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Technical Information

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  • Distance: 18.7 km (11.6 mi.) if you take the loop
  • Duration: 9 hrs.
  • Shortest trail: 11.4 km (7 mi.) if you only go one way and park a second car at the ski resort.
  • Duration: 5 hrs
  • Difficulty level: Difficult
  1. Sentier Des Cretes 3

In terms of layout, the Sentiers des Crêtes trail is completely unique. It’s considered one of the park’s crown jewels and must-see attractions of the Mont-Orford National Park. It’s known for offering one of the most breathtaking hiking experiences in the Eastern Townships.

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  • Ascent :25 and 40 min.
  • Descent : 15 to 20 min.
  • Difficulty level : Intermediate-difficult
  1. Justeetredehors 32

Located directly under the Mont Giroux Nord lift, this trail is the perfect option for busy athletes looking for a quick and efficient workout. Just like La Super, the departure for this trail is rather easy and is made up of a gravel path leading all the way to a more challenging incline. The real challenge begins once you reach an almost straight narrow trail. The path itself is made up of rocky stairs that were created when workers used dynamite to make the trail wider.

  1. Justeetredehors 34

Once you reach the top, you’ll be able to bask in the stunning view from the top of Mont Giroux – it’s the perfect reward for your efforts! We recommend that you descend from the summit by La Familiale trail located on the right and then rejoin the bottom of the 4 KM trail for a more safe and secure return.