The Elevation trail

Image00130 lr
Image00130 lr

In collaboration with Desjardins, a brand new experimental family course takes place in the 4 km trail: the Elevation course!

As you climb to the top of Mont-Orford, you will notice four large arches which invite you to take a break.. You will most certainly spot them from afar and you are invited to stop there to reconnect with each of your senses. It's the perfect place to take a break, connect with nature and free your child's heart!

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Station 1

The Vibration Station

At the junction of the 4 Km and Family trails, a first station awaits you: the vibration station. Equipped with its large chime, you will certainly hear music ringing around you. It goes perfectly with the sounds of nature that surround us or the one you can create with branches, leaves or even your feet!

Let yourself be carried away by the music of nature to continue your ascent.

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Station 2

The breathing station

Halfway through your ascent to the Orford summit, it's time to take a break and treat yourself to a little moment of zen. Rest on the benches provided for this purpose and try the experience of the zen play area. Young and old are invited to play!

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Station 3

The concentration station

You've almost reached the top! Try one last little challenge with the height game air. Some structures are at your disposal to test your balance and find your child's heart by playing with nature. Take a few minutes to rebalance your senses before starting the last stage of your ascent.

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Station 4

The celebration station

Congratulations, you are now at the top of the mountain!

Big or small, all victories are worth celebrating. Highlight the efforts of your hike on the Mont Mégantic lookout which is under the last arch of the route and enjoy the view which overlooks the region for miles! Take a snack break, simply enjoy the view before starting your descent and don't forget to immortalize this moment with a photo!

Photo Station Vibration

Thank you to our partner, Desjardins, for making this project possible!