Hiking on Giroux Hillside

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IMG 20200918 134016

Discover Mont Giroux and its hiking trails that will amaze young and old alike!

Whether from the Giroux East hillside or at the base of the Giroux North hillside, several options are available to both experienced and novice hikers. Got your map? It’s time to prepare your backpack and hop on your hiking boots!

The Familiale: the favorite of young and old

  • Level: Easy
  • Distance: 1.6km
  • Ascent: 251 meters
  • Approximate time (one way): 40 minutes

The Familiale trail is a must in Mont-Orford! Some race down it and others enjoy it one step at a time to the summit of Mont Giroux. It is an ideal trail for an initiation to hiking or for a pleasant family outing since it is composed of gravel to the top, which facilitates a smooth ascent.

It starts at the bottom of the mountain, in the same beginning of the 4 Km trail. Keep your right during the ascent to finish your climb in the Familiale!

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The Slalom: discovering the Giroux East hillside

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  • Level: Difficult
  • Distance: 1.4km
  • Ascent: 304 meters
  • Approximate duration (one way): 50 minutes

Did you know that some hiking trails are also available from the Giroux East hillside? Since the hillside is not located in the same place as our service center, the traffic is often lower, but the hikes are very pleasant! Meet in the P6 parking lot, in front of the Espace 4 saisons to start this hike. For a sustained but less intense challenge, we suggest the Slalom. It crisscrosses the slope offering different viewpoints and is made up of different levels that will give you short breaks during your ascent.

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The Magnum: an effective but challenging hike

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  • Level: Very difficult
  • Distance: 569 meters
  • Ascent: 169 meters
  • Approximate time (one way): 30 minutes

S'y rendre

The Magnum is a popular option for athletes looking for a more demanding challenge, but also a quick climb. Don't be fooled by its short distance! You reach it by taking the Pente Douce at the foot of the mountain which will allow you to warm up with a gentle ascent. Quickly, the real climb begins in a narrow path made up of a staircase of rocks. The almost straight line trail will definitely get your heart rate up!

Please note, we strongly advise against descending this trail. The Familiale or the Magog would be a better choice!

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Discover the rocky headland

See you at the summit

You finally made it to the top! Even if you are not at the highest point of Mont-Orford, a magnificent view awaits you there, especially on our rocky headland.

Once at the top, turn your back to the ski lift and go to your right towards the small mountain. There you will find a small path to climb. It is the ideal place for a 360 degree view of Lake Memphremagog, the Orford hillside and the peaks of the National Park. The perfect place to take a break!