Sustainable development

Orf 150904 0039 P 2 Mont Orford
Orf 150904 0039 P 2 Mont Orford

In collaboration with the consulting firm ADDERE, the Corporation Ski & Golf Mont-Orford has adopted since the fall of 2021 a sustainable development strategy and action plan based on 7 central pillars representing our framework of operation:

  • Governance: Each of the orientations and decisions are taking regarding our particular structure as a non-profit organization, our position in the Mont-Orford National Park and the objectives of the Quebec Ministry of Education.
  • Environment: Through our diversified service offer, several policies allow the implementation and monitoring of eco-responsible practices.
  • Water: Through rigorous monitoring, we provide access to quality water to our customers and employees.
  • Social: Social equity enables the full development of all genders, the development of communities and respect for diversity.
  • Cultural: Cultural influence contributes to the objective of "living together" shared by the common passion of artists, sportsmen, contemplatives and other disciplines to make our site a space conducive to the development of our community.
  • Communication: Via our communication plan, we address the training, education and awareness aspects of our employees, customers and suppliers.
  • Economic: We aim for sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, aiming for full and productive employment in a healthy and stimulating environment.


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Citizen and employee involvement

Our committee

Our advisory committee is made up of three external members who use the mountains and are passionate about sustainable development, as well as three employees of the Corporation. The advisory committee has made it possible to establish the axes of our action plan and meets once or twice a year to monitor progress.

Our residual materials management committee is made up of 5 employees who work to reflect on and implement residual materials management procedures for the various departments.

Awards and Recognition

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Prize of excellence

We won the Excellence in Environment and Sustainable Development Award at the Annual Congress of the Association des Stations de Ski du Québec! We are very touched to receive this award, which recognizes the vision and the extent of the work carried out for 1 year already in the implementation of our sustainable development strategy and the implementation of our first action plan.

The Corporation is committed to training employees, educating customers and raising awareness among our partners. Our policies in place concern waste management, procurement and eco-responsible events.

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ICI on recycle

Performance +

The Mont-Orford Ski and Golf Corporation has received an ICI on recycle certification, at the Performance + level!

This recognition is the result of the efforts we have put in place for sound management of residual materials. We are the only ski resort in Quebec to hold this high level, we are very proud and grateful.


Certifications and training acquired

ICI on recycle +

Major objective achieved with the mention Performance! We are the only ski resort to have this level and we are very proud. Our entire team was mobilized to seek this certification, which is a guarantee of performance in residual material management.

OSEDD Committed Company

On August 4, 2021, La Corporation Ski & Golf Mont-Orford obtained the accreditation of organization Engaged in sustainable development.

Leave no Trace Canada

Some employees of the Corporation Ski & Golf Mont-Orford received a two-day training course given by Leave No Trace Canada in order to gradually integrate the principles into the company's decisions and strategies.


The Corporation Ski & Golf Mont-Orford is a signatory of the initiative L’Économie sociale, j’achète!. It recognizes the importance of social economy enterprises in meeting the needs of local populations and their contribution to the vitality of communities in a perspective of sustainable development.

Our 5 main partners in the development of communities are:

ADDERE: Consulting firm in strategic support in sustainable development.

RAPPEL: Supporting communities for the protection of water bodies.

FEVE: Support service for holding eco-responsible events.

The Christian Vachon Foundation: Supports school perseverance among children from vulnerable backgrounds.

Orford 3.0: Coordination of community, cultural, sports and leisure activities in the municipality of Orford.

Actions in place

Eco-responsible policy

Residual materials

Social and Cultural

Democratize access to the mountains

Application of the 3 Rs

Reduction, recycling, revaluation

Communication plan

To Come

Coming up

Goals by June 2025