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Orford, naturally.

Orford Township, located only a few minutes from Mont-Orford, is surrounded by lakes and mountains offering you an enjoyable and relaxing break after a full day outdoors!

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A lively village full of heart

With its numerous cozy restaurants, renowned resort hotels, antique shops and friendly craftsmen, the heart of the village is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate while surrounded by nature.

Nature is your only neighbor

The municipality of Orford is first and foremost a natural and accessible place that offers many ways to enjoy the outdoors, all year round. The nearby National Park’s forest is full of trails as far as the eye can see. The mountains are surrounded by lakes, offering spectacular and breathtaking views that are accessible to everyone. Finally, there are 23 km (14 mi.) of bicycle paths connected to the Route Verte and the Trans Canada Trail, which allow you to easily cycle across its beautiful landscapes.

Rivière-aux-Cerises park

Enjoy the fresh air in this beautiful park located in the very heart of the village. You’ll find a 325-m (350-yard) running or walking track, various sports training equipment and a children’s playground. All summer long, come enjoy free outdoor concerts given in collaboration with the Orford Music Academy and talented musicians. During the winter, part of the park turns into an ice rink for the whole family to enjoy. And throughout the year, the municipality’s non-profit organization, Orford 3.0, organizes several events to promote physical activity and culture.

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Paradise next to the water

Located in the heart of the Memphrémagog RCM, the city of Magog has been a resort destination since the beginning of the 19th century. No matter the season, this vibrant city offers a multitude of cultural, sporting and gastronomic activities and events. The main street, which runs along the river from Merry Point and its beach to Lake Magog, passing right next to the marina, is inviting and bustling with life.

A lively downtown

In addition to the famous Vieux Clocher venue, discover a surprising number of restaurants and terraces offering many choices of cuisine. Whether you’re in the mood to eat on the run or looking for the best gastronomic experiences in the region, our chefs know how to welcome you with delicious local produce. Indulge in Quebec specialties or other international delicacies (European, Indian, Lebanese or Asian) while enjoying local beers or delicious coffees. The bakeries, chocolateries and specialty cafes offering sweet delights are sure to please all appetites, small or large. And if you’re in the mood for a bit of shopping, you’ll find all kinds of stores and boutiques (clothes, shoes, sporting goods, jewelry, flowers, decorative items) nestled in between the art galleries. Another perfect place to enjoy your vacation.

Everything a big city has to offer

Thanks to its exceptional location, Magog has always been a place of lively activities and culture. This prime tourist destination is also home to 30,000 lucky people. As a result, you’ll find all the services of a big city: a busy downtown area with terraces, restaurants, theater, supermarkets, pharmacies, a hospital and clinics, a large library, a sports center with two pools and much more.

Outdoor activities for everyone

In addition to its multiple beaches, Magog also has many bike paths, including the popular Montagnard, a stretch of the Route Verte, along the Magog River and the tip of Lake Memphrémagog that leads straight to the Mont-Orford National Park. During the winter, a portion of this trail turns into an ice trail, which allows you to skate along the shores of the lake on a well-lit 2.5 km (1.5 mi.) trail. During the summer and winter, there is a walking path alongside the lake for 5.5 km (3.4 mi.). This path also leads to the Marais de la Rivière aux Cerises trails (long bridge on stilts).

Arts and culture

Stroll through the streets of Magog and discover all kinds of art shops on the way to Maison Merry, where antique furniture and indigenous artifacts are enhanced by the modern technologies of the exhibition. The museum also serves as a meeting point for the Memphrémagog Arts Circuit, which showcases the region’s best artists and artisans. Nature and the beauty of the landscapes serve as an inspiring environment for everyone.

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Eastman, located right at the foot of Mont Orford on the opposite side of the ski slopes, provides a totally different point of view of our magnificent mountain. It’s the perfect destination for outdoor activities throughout all four seasons (fall colors, lake and river fishing, winter and summer fun). The town also offers a wide variety of quality accommodations and restaurants, as well as campsites and a renowned spa nestled in nature. You can find local crafts in the many shops and art galleries, and it’s easy to let yourself get carried away by a show or a cultural evening at any time of the year! The Orford Express, which travels over the lake by bridge, is a great opportunity to take a spectacular picture.

Downtown Eastman, 16 km (10 mi.) from Mont Orford.


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The town of Austin is worth a visit if just for its panoramas with breathtaking views of the lake and the surrounding mountains. There is a charming little church located at the crossroads of Nicholas Austin and Millington, adjacent to the Muriel Ball-Duckworth Park, which serves as the starting point for the 4.7-km (3-mi.) heritage trail. The Reginald Aubrey Fessenden Park on the other side is also a starting point for a trail along a 2-km (1.2-mi.) pedestrian path that leads to Saint-Benoît-du-Lac. A general store offers a nice selection of local products.

Austin, 23 km (14 mi.) from Mont Orford.


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Ayer’s Cliff

At the end of 18th century, a small stagecoach inn welcomed travelers from the United States. This is a tradition of hospitality that continues on today thanks to tourist accommodations along the lake. Ayer’s Cliff has retained its Anglo-Saxon charm thanks to its superb period houses, charming music kiosk and exhibition site. The Tomifobia Nature Trail bike path runs along the river of the same name all the way to Stanstead, where easy access to Lake Massawippi is by boat. During the summer, the population of the small village almost doubles: those who love a thrill and country music come from near and far to attend the famous Ayer’s Cliff rodeo.

Ayer’s Cliff, 31 km from Mont Orford


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North Hatley

This charming little village, located on the north shore of beautiful Lake Massawippi, regularly ranks among the most beautiful in the country and stands out thanks to its heritage residences, original shops, bistros and cafes, renowned restaurants, historic churches and its parks at the water’s edge, all with a panoramic view of the surrounding hills. On weekends, the small market offers the perfect opportunity to indulge in some fresh, local produce. Come discover the hospitality and warm welcome from all the locals!

North Hatley, 28 km (17 mi.) from Mont Orford