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MAR 6445
MAR 6445

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We are fortunate to be nestled in the heart of Mont-Orford National Park. And of course, several trails are accessible within the resort in order to make you discover other grandiose landscapes and vary your activities.

Don't forget to get your entry fee or your annual Sépaq card to take advantage of these activities. More details directly on the Sépaq website.


  1. Mor 170221 192

    Cross-country skiing

    The reputation of the cross-country ski trails in Mont-Orford national park is well established! The marked, traced and groomed slopes will delight all skiers, beginners or experienced.

  2. Msb fatbike


    Whether you are a fan of mountain biking, or a curious follower, the fatbike allows you to pedal on the snow-covered paths crisscrossing the undergrowth of the national park.

  3. Mor 170221 013


    One of the best ways to enjoy the winter wonderland is to put on snowshoes. From 2.5 km to 16 km of trail through the Sépaq, admire the beauty of snow-capped nature and recharge your batteries.