RFID card - operation

Orford 16 02 22 031
Orford 16 02 22 031

Mont-Orford is integrating technology called RFID starting this winter. The era of the paper ticket will now be behind us in order to introduce rechargeable RFID cards! How it works ? We explain everything here!


Watch this short video to fully understand how RFID technology works and how to easily use your rechargeable RFID card. This card will now serve as a daily ticket or subscription card.

Use of the RFID card in the station

Retrieve your RFID card

In order to collect your RFID card, you must first purchase a ticket or subscription online (or at the customer service counter).

Season pass: If you already have a Mont-Orford RFID card (whether for a ticket or a season pass), your season pass for next season will automatically be placed on your card when purchasing online.

Daily ticket: Once the season has started, you can buy a ski ticket online and print your RFID card from the printing terminals by simply presenting their QR code received by email! Keep it well, it will be your card for several years!

Where to put your RFID card

Insert your card in one of the pockets of your ski coat, necessarily on the LEFT side.

  • Pocket on the arm
  • Chest or front pocket
  • Regular side pocket

The card should be the only item in your pocket, isolated from your cell phone, other RFID card and electronic device. Avoid contact with metal objects and above all, do not make a hole in your card.

At the chair lifts

Once you arrive at the chair lifts, go to the gates. Wait a few seconds for the reader to detect the card and the panels will open automatically.

If the gate does not open, step back slightly and try again by positioning your card closer to the reader. Otherwise, step away from the line and a member of our team will be available to help you outside.

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Your RFID card is used for daily tickets, a season pass or for your Multi-Visits card! Keep it, it is reusable for several years!

Online recharge

  1. In order to recharge your card, go to our online store and log in to your account.
  2. Make sure you enter the correct username and the correct email associated with your RFID card or your previous web purchases. Otherwise, the product will not be associated with your card and it will not work in the station.
  3. Once logged in, choose the product you wish to purchase by selecting your profile and accepting the terms and conditions.
  4. When the product is selected and added to your cart, you can proceed with the purchase.
  5. Following your transaction, the product will be automatically added to your digital card and can be used at the station! You are therefore now ready to go directly to the slopes, keeping your current map.

Are you having difficulty? Check out the explanatory video!

Recharge on site

It is also possible to reload your RFID card at the customer service counter.


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