Tips from the locals


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Before your getaway to Mont-Orford, take a moment to dive into the must-sees suggested by the locals!

Well-kept secrets not to be missed that will certainly make you want to explore every corner of our much-loved mountain

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    Mireille: Face of a weekday skier

    A variety of trails, challenges at every turn and descents in the heart of a national park. Follow Mireille for whom skiing during the week represents a magical moment, every day!

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    Our favorite touring trails

    Since we are big fans of each of our trails and we devour them from morning to night, heyre are our favorites touring trails and paths. To consume without moderation. Happy climbing!

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    Prepare well for alpine touring

    For those who have recently decided to get into touring, take a look at this little guide to prepare your clothing and your backpack in order to enjoy your hike in warm and dry conditions!


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    Sam: Face an expert skier

    Are you looking for a challenge at Mont-Orford? Follow Sam and his friends and you'll quickly find the most perilous places... Experienced skiers only!

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    Alfred-Desrochers: a mythical slope!

    In Mont-Orford, each slope has its own flavor, and that of the Alfred-Desrochers is unique. Those who have skied it since 1965, as well as recent enthusiasts, will tell you that there is a charm that sets in as soon as you sit down on its lift.

  2. MAR 5224 retouche

    Amazing 18 glades to ski

    If you explore Mont-Orford with a local, he will likely take you to one of the ski station’s 18 glades. Our double diamond glades have certainly earned their status, but we also have options for beginners or the less adventurous ones.

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    A fun family day

    After running aroung prepping everything for the family, you are off for a day of skiing at Mont-Orford. Here is some advice to enjoy your family day to the fullest!

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    Our top five trails

    When you explore a ski area, you naturally look for the best trails. Here are the ones at Mont-Orford that the locals would recommend. Get ready to become a true Mont-Orford skier!

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    The faces of Mont-Orford

    The skiers and boarders who spend their winters on our slopes and in our glades consider our mountain to be their #1 playground. Meet some of our greatest devotees, and discover why they spend their winters on Mont-Orford—year after year.

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    Light on the snowmaking

    Snowmaking is essential to provide beautiful and stable conditions. To do this, it requires specific conditions in order to be effective. We shed light on this operation that often happens behind the scenes in the mountains!

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    The top 5 best reasons to work at Mont-Orford

    There are many reasons to work at Mont-Orford. Whether seasonally, part time or full time, our 400 employees each find something to inspire them. Below are the top 5 of these reasons that may inspire you to join our team!