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Want to make Mont-Orford your family gathering place?

Follow the example of the Boulanger-Bélanger for whom the mountain is synonymous with pleasure and community.

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There is never a question of sleeping in or racing around the house at the last minute looking for mittens for the Boulanger-Bélangers’! Snowstorm or glaring sun, everyone gets into their ski suits in a snap. The goal? Be the first at the foot of Mont-Orford!

We are at the mountain every weekend, without exception. Mont-Orford is like our backyard.

For a family like the Boulanger-Bélangers, Mont-Orford offers something for everyone.

Whether it's the small jumps on the edge of the 4 Km, the smooth fluidity of the Toussiski, a decent finish in the snow park or even a quick uphill tour during the kids ski lessons, everyone enjoys the mountain in their own way.

The family find a sense of security and well-being at Mont-Orford. Even if they can lose their young boys in the glades or their teenager with her friends, the parents know very well that there are caring eyes everywhere on the mountain. Whether it's the friendly familiar staff at the chair lifts, the many other regulars that become friends or the dedicated ski instructors, they all have created together a great community spirit that makes you feel at home.

“It is as if Mont-Orford is our own mountain.”

It's no wonder that in winter, all weekends are reserved for Mont-Orford. Heaven forbid we miss a snowstorm! But above all, Alexandra has no trouble imagining their next 10 years, if not more, on these slopes with her family.

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The 4 Km, our signature trail!

Beyond its 4 km length, this signature trail is appreciated by young and old alike. We go down often for the magnificent view of Lake Memphremagog and its gentle slope within the thick forest. But also for the small jumps at the edge of the trail that children love and the finish in the family snow park! Even if the trail is easy, the more adventurous will find several glade options that will quicken your heart rate.

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