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Melanie drone arbre retouche
Melanie drone arbre retouche

Between meditation and cardio, uphill skiing or touring offers Mélanie the chance to reconnect with nature.

Want to go on an adventure? Follow her on her many ascents!


For Mélanie, every alpine touring outing at Orford is a bit like taking a vacation. It's her way of experiencing a moment of escape, refreshing her ideas and breaking a good sweat!

Whether it is in the morning dawn with a headlamp or perfectly timed with the sunset, Mélanie loves being immersed in the natural mountain setting to fully experience her expeditions. “We always know what time we leave... but not when we're coming back!”

Mont-Orford is my North Star. The moment I see the mountain I feel calm and I know that I am at home.

If back in the day Mélanie was looked upon as weird with her ski skins and her peculiar way of climbing the mountain, today, she now finds a beautiful and large community of ski touring enthusiasts. Nowadays she encounters many familiar regulars, both families and folks who practice the sport in a more intense and competitive way.

That being said however most everyone finds moments of contemplation and harmony with nature which are particularly unique to Mont-Orford.

With access to alpine touring practically at all hours of the day at Mont-Orford, Mélanie does not hesitate!

Climbing the mountain with your headlamp just before dawn and coming out of the woods at the same time as the sunrise to start your descent with the first rays... There is nothing more wonderful.

Mélanie is most happy when she doesn't have a schedule to respect! With 11 wooded trails and hidden tracks to climb, she can be creative with her accents and take extra time to discover each of them in detail. It is like being immersed in a remote wilderness environment that gives the impression of being far from a ski resort and civilization.

It's very peaceful and it’s the adventure that makes Mélanie feel most alive!

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  • Melanie Campagnol retouche

Discovering the Campagnol

Your ascent up the Campagnol will take you into an alpine corridor surrounded by snow-covered trees that lead to the Mont-Orford summit. In order to take full advantage of this adventure and the trails that will take you there, plan to dedicate a full day! Notice to the brave hearted, with several highly technical challenges, this is a trail reserved for experts. Once you have experienced this ascent you will easily understand why it is Melanie's favorite!

This mountainside climb on a clear day will give you views as far as our American neighbors and guaranteed spectacles at every sunset!

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