Face of a weekday skier

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458295871 mireille still2

A variety of slopes, challenges at every turn and descents in the heart of a national park.

Follow Mireille for whom skiing during the week represents magical moments, every day!




For more than 50 years now Mireille has been descending the Grande Coulée and the Contour and one thing is certain, the landscapes of Mont-Orford never cease to amaze her!

Although her way of skiing has changed over the years, the variety of the slopes on each of the three peaks continually gives her a sense of renewal.

My entire skiing story is here, this is where I wrote it. Mont-Orford is home.

Skiing during the week is in all practicality a privilege!

We take advantage of all the snowfalls or the first tracks on the perfectly groomed slopes early in the morning when only a few regulars are present. When you ski during the week, you also get to know everyone, it's a social meeting place in the mountains. We chat at the lifts to find out which slope is the nicest and descend the mountain together. But eventually, you will see Mireille called to the glades, friends or not by her side!

Sometimes with her camera around her neck or simply with her eyes wide open, Mireille captures the beauty of the national park landscapes that surround Mont-Orford. She sees clichés everywhere, whether on the frosted branches, the color contrasts, the clouds...

But when the snow-capped trees form images of snow ghosts under bright blue skies, Mireille is forced to stop and admire them!

There are still many great memories to be made at Mont-Orford.

Having spent many years on the slopes, after introducing her children to it, it is now her grandchildren who are creating memorable moments on the mountain. “It's really exceptional to say that I launched two generations on the slopes!''

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Grande Coulee2

The Grande Coulée from top to bottom

Descending this mountainside slope always offers a magnificent spectacle, especially at sunset!

Difficult level, there are several varied sections that will give you the impression of descending more than one slope at a time. If you're like Mireille, you'll like to start your day with this one in order to stretch your legs and warm up with a top to bottom run!

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