Unusual and interesting job, Ski Lift Mechanic

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In the winter, we are like firefighters, we put out fires! In the summer we can take the time to do big maintenance jobs and that is what I like, it's so different!
Danny, former industrial maintenance supervisor

When the ski season is over, we often think that the ski lift mechanics have also finished their season. But on the contrary!

All you have to do is go on site in summer and ask them what they are doing. Without hesitation you will be answered straight up: "everything that we don't have time to do in winter”!

Indeed, the list is long and surprising; approximately 33% of the chairs on each lift must be dismantled and inspected. Hydraulic systems, boarding mats, emergency motors must also be inspected, in addition to the lubrication and maintenance of a large number of parts!

Despite all the work to be done, the atmosphere is relaxed. After the excitement and effervescence of winter, we catch our breath, the adrenaline goes down, the weather warms up, the mountain is quiet and we have more time to work together.

During the month of June the whole team was brought together to splice the Hybrid's cable, a regular maintenance operation needed to adjust the length of the cable. "We're not going to lie to each other, the splice job is long and a bit repetitive so we need to make it fun. The jokes come fast and furious on the mechanics team, sometimes at record breaking pace per minute!

Synergy within the team is important, especially when different generations and different skill sets come together. This is never more true than during the winter when a lift stoppage problem occurs. We have to stay calm and work as a team.

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Ski lifts, sophisticated like planes!

You wouldn't think so but chairlifts have ultra-complex electrical systems on par with those in airplanes. And this impresses more than one! "We often show the electrical panel when we do an interview, it's our way of impressing our future employees," Danny tells us, laughing. It is not surprising that about 85% of the problems that occur during the season are electrical problems!

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In winter, when there is a problem and you see the long lines at the lifts, you can feel the pressure mount quickly! It's stressful, but it's what pushes us. We have no choice but to find a solution and we always find one

An open-air office!

The advantage of working at Orford is our proximity to nature. The operations team is unanimous on the matter! The mountain is the main office of our mechanics who end up knowing it by heart. And although it can be challenging to work long days in the winter cold, who can boast of seeing the orange and pink glow of the sunrise from the top of the mountain as they start their day?

"Summer is fun and warmer, but in winter, the sunrises at the top are awe inspiring”!

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