Beginner Zones

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Mont-Orford has two dedicated beginner zones, specially designed and shaped to help novice skiers and snowboarders have fun while learning at their own pace.

The slopes are gentle in these areas and feature a magic carpet lift, a conveyor belt that looks similar to the people-movers at airports. Installed at snow level, it will gently pull you uphill and is easy to board and even simpler to get off. Access the two beginner zones for only $5 + taxes.

The Mitaine Zone

Located at the bottom of Mont Giroux

This beginner terrain is separated in two by the magic carpet that runs in the center of the Mitaine zone.

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On one side, you will find a terrain-based learning area. A custom-shaped snow course, composed of rollers, banked turns and mini pipes, is specially designed to assist novices naturally control their speed. Its design will help you to better connect with the movement, sensation and body position needed to steer your equipment. The purpose of this uniquely groomed and custom-shaped course is to create a safe, non-threatening, intuitive environment allowing you to focus purely on the fun!

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On the other side, you’ll find a gentle slope, perfect for those who are ready to link turns and stop on their own, or who simply want more room to practice and progress on their own.

The Initiation Zone

Located at the bottom of Mont-Orford

Although this area is designed for beginners, the slope is a little more challenging.

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If it’s your first experience skiing or snowboarding, we recommend you start on the Mitaine. Once you’ve gained a bit of confidence but still prefer to practice in a safe and fun environment, you will truly like this beginner area! Here again, the ride back up is smooth and easy thanks to a magic carpet.

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You can purchase a magic carpet ticket to use only in these zones and avoid any extra fees.

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For those with little ones, keep an eye out for our two mascots who often visit our beginner zones. Fred the Snowman and Raffale the Penguin both love to come and encourage our younger skiers!