Novelties for the 2022-23 season

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The 2022-23 season is another exceptional year for new features and improvements to our infrastructure with $2.2 million in investments. Whether you are day visitors or loyal season pass holders, our skiers and snowboarders will surely be thrilled!

We are very pleased and proud to present them to you.

We are getting ready for the season!

Year after year, we are very proud of our ski season! And we can't wait to welcome you on the slopes again. See you soon?

RFID technology

Mont-Orford is integrating a new access control technology called RFID starting this winter. The era of the paper ticket is behind us, going forward our customers will be issued rechargeable RFID cards!

This new technology will afford us several impactful benefits including:

  • a simpler and easier process for customers to purchase our products;
  • a system that will enable a more accurate profile of the customers to better respond to their needs;
  • reduce the need for manpower which is hard to find ;
  • an important reduction of our environmental impact;
  • and above all a system that will allow us to deliver a more enjoyable customer experience!

All ski lifts, apart from the magic carpet and the Rapido, will now be equipped with RFID entry gates allowing the customer's card to be read and give them direct access to the lift.

Also, terminals for printing RIFD cards and recharging tickets or passes will be installed inside and outside the ski chalet. Yes, even Giroux East will be equipped with RFID entry gates, making it possible to offer real ski-in-ski-out accommodation at the foot of the slopes!

Comment ça marche ?

Découvrez comment utiliser les fameuses cartes RFID à la station et également comment recharger votre billet ou votre abonnement en ligne.

Visionnez la vidéo

New fixed-head and fan snow cannons

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You can't talk about a modern ski resort without talking about snow making! At Mont Orford this is an important department that has a major impact on our operations. Every year, we make improvements and this upcoming season is no exception.

The 2022-23 will see twenty fixed-head snow cannons added to the top of the Trois-Ruisseaux trail. This high traffic trail is difficult to cover with its challenging topography. These new fixed-head guns will definitely make for great conditions all season long! Also, and 2 automatic fans canons will be added in the mountain.

New gondolas

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You may have noticed last season that we renovated half of our 18 gondolas. New windows, new doors, new seats… everything was redone!

And this fall, 4 other gondolas are getting a makeover. You will be able to embark and ride uphill in complete comfort this winter!

Nice improvements that our season pass holders will appreciate

The P3 parking lot

If you are a season pass holder, you will definitely notice these subtle but important improvements! This summer, we completely reworked the foundation of the P3 parking lot to significantly improve drainage. The good news? The parking lot will remain high and dry all year round, even in the spring when the snow melts! Also, the client's path leading from the P3 parking lot to the base of the mountain has been completely reworked to make it easier and safer to use.

Ski lift's landing stage

Raise the spatulas of your skis and get ready to disembark! All the landing stages of the ski lifts have received a beauty treatment. They have all been reworked to ensure your descent from the lift is smooth and safe.

New bathrooms

You are no doubt replacing the bathrooms which are very close to the cafeteria and those in the basement near the ski lockers? Good news, they will be almost completely redone: new non-slip floor, new toilet and taps, new cabinets... More comfort for our customers!

Erosion control

Finally, as every year, we have put a lot of effort into erosion control on the mountain. We never lose sight of combining our environmental efforts with the development of mountain activities.

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Enjoy the mountain this winter!

Do you have your season pass?

Act now and take advantage of the season pass pre-sale until October 31. We look forward to seeing you on the slopes. Good season!